Tailor Made

Tailored to the specific needs of individual groups, can also be organized by Visit.is

In addition to our published tours, we also organize private, tailored tours such as: goose hunting, salmon fishing, river rafting, hiking the volcano Eyjafjallajökull, midnight golfing, horseback riding, jeep tours (operated by you) and ATV tours around the country. We also offer trips into an ice cave in Langjökull and a trip inside a volcano close to Reykjavík.

Iceland affords the opportunity for unique adventures that are unlikely to be experienced anywhere else. The Northern Lights, for example, can be seen in Iceland from the end of August to the middle of April. Our trips are overseen by seasoned tour guides who will attend to all your needs. You just have to show up and enjoy.

After filling up the form below, we will reach out to you through email addressing your request. Please be as specific as possible so we can make your dream vacation come true!